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2017 AASRA State Convention
The conference will be held at the
Four Points Hotel 2532 W. Peoria Ave. Phoenix, AZ
n June 6-7, 2017

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2016 AASRA Spring Newsletter

2016 AASRA Winter Newsletter

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2015 AASRA Spring Newsletter

2015 AASRA Winter Newsletter

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AASRA Advocacy

Welcome to the AASRA Advocacy Website. The All Arizona School Retirees Association (AASRA) seeks to keep members informed and help them advocate effectively on issues that affect retirees and public education. Of particular concern are:

 1. Issues affecting retirement: pensions (ASRS), social security, health plan  benefits

 2. Issues regarding senior health and well-being: community services, security from abuse,
     exploitation, etc.

 3. Issues affecting public education, students and educators

to Defend Our Pension -  AASRA ADVOCACY IN ACTION

Legislative Priorities


The Legislative Team submits the following legislative priorities to the AASRA State Board for their approval on Monday, September 26, 2016. Current team members are Joe Carter, Jerry Holmes, Janet Fee and

Don Ritchie.

1. Protect the defined benefit pension plan and work to strengthen and improve the Arizona State Retirement System. Monitor legislative or other efforts to weaken the ASRS or other public pension systems.

2. Support anti-voucher legislation in education. Work for increased funding for public education, including programs that further the stated goals of Proposition 123.

3. Work for issues that will improve the integrity and image of public education, including K-12 and higher education.

4. Support legislation that increases the oversight and transparency of funding for charter schools and Empowerment Scholarship Accounts, and legislation that limits the expansion of ESA’s.

5. Work against any TABOR type legislation that may be introduced. (TABOR stands for Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights)

6. Work against any legislation that promotes excessive interest rates on consumer loans, such as payday and title loans.


7. Promote restoration and budget increases for human services such as caregiving funds and social services for children, seniors and families.